Why Implants are Better than Dentures

April 16, 2018

When patients have lost most or all of their smile, they think that their only solution is a traditional, removable denture. If you find yourself in this situation, you should know that you have another option: dental implants. In most cases, dentures supported by dental implants are far superior to their traditional counterparts.

Superior Stability

Dentures often slide or slip when used. Even with the assistance of dental adhesives, they are more likely to shift than chew through tougher or harder foods. As a result, your diet may be limited to accommodate the better use of a standard denture.

Dental implants give your dentures the support they need to stabilize. Implant cylinders are artificial tooth roots that hold your prosthetic in place. You can enjoy almost any food as you usually would without fear of having your teeth move.

Jaw Interaction

Traditional dentures rest above the gums. This situation means they do not treat jaw bone resorption, which is the acceleration of the jaw’s natural shrinking tendencies. A prematurely shrunken jaw causes various cosmetic and significant health issues. Additionally, your dentures must continuously be relined, if not replaced, to accommodate the continual changes occurring in the jaw.

Dental implants stabilize the jaw. The cylinders give the jaw a foundation, which tells the body to stop rapidly absorbing bone tissue.

Longer-Lasting Treatment

A common concern about implants is the fact that surgical care is required to add the cylinders for the smile; implant dentistry sounds like a more complicated treatment plan as a result. However, the constant replacement of dentures adds up to a more inconvenient solution over time. With just four implant cylinders and a fixed hybrid denture, your entire smile can be permanently enhanced. Your new teeth can last a lifetime with implants.  

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