How Fluoride and Sealants Help You Stay Healthy

April 26, 2018

Fluoride and sealants are great tools for helping you keep your teeth healthy. Doctors Michael Weaver and Zane Weaver provide them to our adult and child patients. Why exactly are these treatments an important part of Dental Care Center’s preventive treatment plans?

Stopping Tooth Decay is the Main Purpose

The two most common dental health concerns that dentists seek to prevent are tooth decay and gum disease. The former occurs when oral bacteria feed off leftover food particles in the smile; the byproduct of that reaction is an acid that eats away at the tooth. Decay will cost a patient one or more teeth if left untreated, creating numerous health concerns.

Fluoride and sealants both prevent the development of tooth decay. They each do so in a different way.

Fluoride Helps Teeth Resist Erosion

Fluoride makes the enamel more resilient in general, so the tooth is less likely to wear down because of bacterial acids. While found in natural water supplies, most adult patients do not receive enough to keep their smile as healthy as possible. Alternatively, pediatric patients are so sensitive to fluoride that they cannot artificially increase their intake the way an adult could.

As such, the fluoride treatments our dentists provide help patients of every age get the right amount of fluoride necessary to stay healthy.

Sealants Stop Food from Sticking

Any tooth that has food stuck to it attracts the bacteria feeding off those particles, making it more likely to decay. With their natural folds and pits, molars are the most likely teeth to have food stick to them.

Sealants are thin plastic coatings applied to molars. This barrier stops food from being stuck to these teeth. As a result, the risk for cavity development drops so long as the patient maintains a proper hygiene routine. Sealants and their benefits can last for several years and are easy to replace with new ones if they break.

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Dental Care Center is passionate about protecting the smiles of Lone Grove and all surrounding communities. Drs. Michael and Zane Weaver meet this commitment through fluoride, sealants, and other forms of preventive dental care. For more information about how our dentists keep your smile healthy, call us and schedule an appointment today!